White Silk Dupion, 'Kaleidoscope' Lined 14: Shade


From the 'No Flowers' collection comes a totally amazing and beautiful shade - this one is my favourite! White Silk Dupion outside, but the PVC inside is lined with the Harlequin Kaleidoscope Wallpaper. Yummy.

The shade is 20cm tall.

I love to see the shades up in their new homes where my lovely customers enjoy them. Please send in a photo and I'll post them up on the shop!

Custom orders welcome :)

The PVC lining is flame retardent but I reccommend only using energy efficient bulbs no higher than equivalent 60W.

Doris X



All products are handmade, so unless there is a fault (which is unlikely) or it is damaged in the post, unfortunately returns and refunds are not accepted. If you do for some reason find the item is damaged, you can send a photo to me to verify and I can make up another one for you or refund your money.


What size lampshade should I get?

6" and 8" diameter shades are best for desk lamps.
10" shades can be used for floor lamps and pendant lights in small rooms.
12" and 14" shades are perfect for pendant lights in most rooms, and floor lamps
16" shades look great in larger rooms, and floor lamps if you have more space.
18" shades look good in very large rooms and make an impact with floor lamps. 

For reference - I have 12" and 14" shades for my pendant lights, while one of my floor lamps has a 10" shade, the other (tripod stand base) has an 18" shade. If you are still unsure just contact me and I can help you with sizing, colour and design choices.

Can I get swatches for the shades?

Of course! It's hard to tell what the colour's really like on a monitor - they all look different. If you'd like some swatch samples (for free!) just drop me a message and I'll send some out for you.

Is my shade safe?

Yes. As safe as a lampshade can be! It's not bomb proof, but the PVC lining has passed the 650 degree celsius glow wire test. This basically means it won't spontaneously burst into flames if it gets hot. There are no small parts, but I wouldn't recommend it as a rattle for a newborn. I would recommend a maximum of 60 watt bulb (or equivalent). I always suggest using energy saving bulbs too. That way you get the same great effect, and you're saving the planet a little bit too - well done you!

What about your carbon footprint?

I am but one person. I work out of my house, and I recycle all offcuts or re-use them where possible. I make them all here in the UK, plus I source my materials, such as labels, fabric, where possible. I am a person not a machine!! I used to work for a bus company called The Big Lemon which used recycled cooking oil (that they personally collected) so am very aware of recycling, re-using and reduction of waste.

Bespoke Orders

Contact me using the form on the site. Include your telephone number and I'll call you to discuss. Bespoke colours will have a £5.00 surcharge and I will need a pantone reference, but don't worry about that I'll do all the hard work for you. Bespoke designs will need to be designed which takes time. A surcharge of £50.00 will be added to the order.

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